Tuesday, July 12, 2011

❦ Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)

It took a few screenings, but I must say, Bridget Jones's Diary has become one of my favorite modern romantic comedies. Very romantic, very funny!

As the story opens, how funny is Bridget's mum? "You'll never get a boyfriend if you look like you just wandered out of Auschwitz." Gemma Jones is pitch-perfect in this role!

"I was wearing a carpet." This never fails to crack me up every time I see this movie, LOL.

We see what a nice relationship Bridget has with her dad. I like how candid they are with each other, and how comfortable.

OK - When Mark calls her a "verbally incontinent spinster who smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish, and dresses like her mother" - I could laugh up a lung, LOL!

I really like the Sad FM "All by Myself" sequence. (Anyone else notice how Renée Zellweger got a little ahead of the beat towards the end? Cute.)

Gotta love Bridget's "urban family": Shazzer, Jude, and Tom. They are HILARIOUS!

Now, when Daniel and Bridget's office flirtation begins, it's so clear from the start that Daniel's just trolling to "dip his nib in the office ink" - LOL.

Then Bridget plays it hard to get, which is cute. And, of course, the urban family chimes in with ever-so-helpful advice, heh. And yeah, it works...but doesn't interfere with Daniel's motives in the least - he still just wants to shag! ;-)

It's sweet seeing Mark's attraction to Bridget begin at the launch party. Her introduction etiquette works like a charm, Mark was sufficiently impressed. Thanks, Shazzer!

OK, Even I feel embarrassed for Bridget during that horrible 'tits pervert' introduction at the book launch party, LOL.

Mark does not like seeing her leave with Daniel at. all.

LOL when Bridget tries her well-rehearsed, intelligent conversation bid about Chechnya, and Daniel just dismisses it out of hand: "I couldn't give a f#%k, Jones." ROTFLOL! Can Hugh Grant deliver a line, or what? LOL!

How funny is Daniel's reaction to the enormous panties? Cracks me up, I LOVE it! "I have to take another look..." ROTFLMBO! This is one of my FAVORITE laughs in the whole movie!

"This tangerine-tinted buffoon..." LOL!

"Jaundiced Julian." LOL!

And boo to Pam! Why would she leave her sweet husband for such an obnoxious man?? Surely Mr. Jones wasn't ignoring her that much? LOL

Tarts and Vicars? LOL

Poor Dad. Feel sorry for him. He's so brokenhearted when Pam leaves him for Julian. Sigh.

OK. May I say I'm so sick of hearing Natasha call, "Mark?" Can she be any more annoying? Geesh.

And now, the heartbreak. I really feel it for Bridget when she discovers that pink sweater...and then discovers the "American stick insect," Laura. (And what the hell is that thing Laura's hiding behind, anyway? A poster board?)

Daniel Cleaver is a low-lying prick! Notice how cool he plays it when Bridget hears a noise from the bedroom? Smooth operator.

And then the sucker punch: "I thought you said she was thin...?" Ouch. OMG. Sob. Poor, Bridge. :-(

Why would Daniel choose this weekend of all weekends to agree to the mini-break?? Perhaps he didn't know Laura was flying in until the last minute...?

Great job by Renée Zellweger in this next sequence. And in Daniel's office the following day. Really good acting!

And so now they're engaged? WTF? And then after getting THAT blow, poor Bridget has to go back to her desk and get some work done? Pfft. Poor thing looks lost.

But she doesn't stay down. Oh, no. Go, Bridget! Throw on some Chaka Khan. Join the gym. Read some books. Get back in the saddle, girl. Love this part!

Really love the scene of Bridget walking with the crowd. Healing. Moving on.

"At Sit Up Britain, no one ever gets sacked for shagging the boss. That's a matter of principle." LOL! Classic.

"Have bottom the size of...BRAZIL!" LOL

Oh, how do I love the scene at Magda's and Jeremy's? Let me count the ways. Colin Firth is scrumptious in this scene. "Just as you are." And the look on Bridget's face! Priceless. And kudos to the soundtrack! The Van Morrison tune lifts the scene right into my heart. I don't think it would be the same without it.

And now, she finally clues up about exactly whom Mark Darcy is...Hello, Bridget? Anyone home?

And now she's a legend....with blue soup. LMBO! How funny is this part? LOL

Julian: "Careful you ham-fisted cunt!" OMG.

Bridget's Mom: "I was just dozing off and I felt this huge--" LMBO!!

Mark rings 'round to congratulate the new face of British current affairs. Sigh. Did I mention how delicious Colin Firth is in this movie?

"The gravy needs sieving."
"Surely not, just stirred it, Una."

So cute! A great tie-in from the beginning when they first met.

LOVE the look on Tom's face when Bridget says they have two more lovely courses to go! LOL

And the way Mark looks at Bridget when Jude goes for the door? Awe. So sweet - he's really falling in love with her!

Then - in comes Daniel Cleaver. Halt the music.

Dumped by the young American, eh? And so now he returns to get back in the sack with Bridget on her birthday. Uh.

"Shall I bring my dueling pistols or my, sword?" Again, excellent delivery by Hugh Grant!

The fight? Eh. And I can't believe Bridget actually takes up for slimy Daniel at the end, and yells at Mark...but good on her for leaving Daniel lying there. (Hey, a well-placed pun!)

"Bugger off!" Scrooge much, Bridge? LOL

Awe...sweet reunion between Bridget's Mom and Dad...but I find I always wind up trying to avoid a visual of the make-up sex, for sure. LOL

It's too funny how Bridget nearly gives her parents a heart attack speeding to the wedding party in all that snowfall, LOL.

And here we go again with that annoying Natasha. "Mark??" Argh! Go away! LOL

So now Bridget has something she wants to say. And it was very well said! Clever how she parallels what Mark said to her at Magda's and Jeremy's.

OK, I have to ask...Is it just me, or does Mark's mom look like a dude? Seriously...?

Tom: "If he didn't leap over the family heirlooms and whip you up in his arms, then sod him!" LOL!

Now this must be true love, right? To go all the way to New York City, blow off a prestigious law firm partnership, then turn right around and return to London?

I love this scene - Mark showing up just as Bridget's about to leave for Paris! He's apparently ready for that tongue-down-the-throat thing Shazzer mentioned...

OK. Bridget running through the snowfilled streets, in her tiger-print, "genuinely tiny knickers"? Priceless. But seriously - who would actually do that without throwing on a bottom?? The one and only Bridget Jones, I suppose, LOL!

And finally. A brand new diary. A brand new start. And the way "nice boys" kiss. Yummy.

And Van Morrison's back. Yay! Love it. Fade to black.

"I like you. Just as you are."