Thursday, March 22, 2012

❦ Casablanca (1942)

I love Casablanca. The music over the opening credits never fails to make me snuggle into the Casablanca mood. It's a nostalgic feel that gets me ready for all my favorite lines!

Have you ever seen a picture of a spinning earth quite like this one? Hugged by so many clouds? They should be much, much closer to the actual surface of the planet, LOL.

Okay. So we're waiting in Casablanca for exit visas to Lisbon. We wait...and wait...and wait...and wait.

And this place is full of vultures, vultures everywhere...

(Can you already tell I have a few favorite lines in this movie? LOL)

On to Rick's Café Américain, clearly the absolute place to be in Casablanca. Uh...what Blue Parrot?

Hi there, Sam! Your hair is curly!

Rick looks so cool after he OK's that note. The camera loved Bogart - he really was an amazing cinematic presence.

Oh, poor devils. Yeah...I'm a little more impressed with Ugarte, too!

I like this look between Rick and Signor Ferrari, the owner of the Blue Parrot. They have a charming, friendly rivalry.

Love the bartender, Sascha. "Yvonne, I love you - but he pays me."

Love the silhouette of Rick on the wall as he gets the money from the safe.

Captain Renault: "I'm only a poor corrupt official." Too funny. :)

Uh, oh. Bust time...I've always wondered how they found out it was Ugarte...?

"All right, Sam." Love how Sam knows exactly what that means! lol

What? Rick's only 37? Please - he's at least 47 if he's a day!

Here comes trouble. Sam knows it the second he sees Ilsa walk in.

Berger's a good man. At your service! Love how people support Victor Laszlo.

"Play it, Sam. Play, As Time Goes By." Oh, I love this song! "You must remember this; a kiss is just a kiss; a sigh is just a sigh...The fundamental things apply, as time goes by..."

And then Ilsa's playing it cool: Really can't say what 'sort' Rick is, though she saw him quite often in Paris...Yeah. OK.

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world...she walks into mine."

"You played it for her, you can play it for me...If she can stand it, I can. Play it!"

Doesn't get much better than this, folks! I love the tone and staging of these scenes. Rick with a bottle in the dark. He's not alone, but he is. Heart's ripped open, and bleeding all over again. Sigh.

And now for the stroll down memory lane. Ah, the memories. It's so nice to see Rick can smile. Romantic. In love. Paris Rick.

Ingrid Bergman's face was so creamy smooth. Looks like she'd never had a pimple in her whole life!

And what the hell had Rick done in New York, anyway? Murder? Grand larceny? Hmm...

"Here's looking at you, kid." I've never really cared for this line too much. Calling her "kid"? Should've been "Here's looking at you, babe." Now, Bogart's voice saying that? Swoon!

Now. That 'last' kiss in Paris looked a bit awkward to me. Dunno. Something about the way Rick went high...weird.

I love how he KNEW she would come.

Now he calls her honey!

I love these close-ups. We can see Rick's raw pain and drunkenness...the tears in Ilsa's eyes...Sigh.

Now why in the world does Major Strasser suspect Ugarte left the letters of transit with Rick?? Boo. This needed to be fleshed out more. Seems too coincidental.

"We musn't underestimate American blundering. I was with them when they blundered into Berlin in 1918." Heh. Go, Captain Renault!

Poor Ugarte. Committed suicide? Or died trying to escape?

Another visa issue. Gee, just how much nookie does he get in that office everyday?? LOL

Rick and Signor Ferrari redux. Why does everyone just assume Rick knows where the letters are? Have I missed something? He and Ugarte weren't exactly best buds...

"Walk up a flight." Love this line!

Victor and Ilsa do make a refreshing couple. I enjoy scenes like this one in Ferrari's place that show how much he loves her, and that she clearly loves him, too.

Are you Pro-Vichy or Free French?

"I blow with the wind. And the prevailing wind happens to be from Vichy." Captain Renault has some great lines!

Rick: "Captain Renault is getting broad-minded." lol

I love Joy Page's performance as the young conflicted Bulgarian girl. Great acting. I believe every word she says to Rick.

Love the look on Sam's face when Rick makes him play "As Time Goes By" again. It's like: "Oh, lord. Here we go again! These people are crazy!" lol

It's so sweet of Rick to save that poor girl from Captain Renault's couch...but, of course, Jan was just a lucky guy.

Jan: "We'll be there at six!"

Renault: "I'll be there at ten." LOL

Love Rick's relationship with his staff. Sweet.

Here we go. Rick begins as a jealous prick. Why didn't he just sell Victor the letters? Why cause trouble for Ilsa by telling Victor to ask his wife? Clearly wants to start fireworks and force Ilsa's hand.

Ilsa watching Victor sing "La Marseillaise." You can see her deep respect, admiration and love for him.

Oh, Renault. Don't close Rick's and ruin everybody's good time. Boo!

Renault is shocked - shocked! - to find out about the gambling at Rick's...but not too shocked to accept his winnings. LOL

Didn't you notice? "In Casablanca, human life is cheap." Full stop.

Smart Ilsa. Remain silent. She has nothing to tell Victor. There's zero to be gained from confirming what he already knows anyway. Victor is anything but blind.

So cool how Rick just wants to stay out of everybody's affairs: "Don't tell me where you're going." (I don't care!)

Rick's talking like Rhett Butler now: "I'm the only cause I'm interested in."

Paris is poor salesmanship, Ilsa. Don't bring it up! LOL

Look at Ilsa. Pulling a gun on Rick. Only he calls her bluff. It's probably not even

They kiss...and we're sent to the lighthouse.

Now, fully dressed (ahem). We're filled in on Ilsa's story...And then Rick has to think for everyone. Too bad (and too good) he thinks his way into making the ultimate sacrifice!

The way Ilsa's looking at Rick as he asks Carl to take her home. Well, well. It must've been good! He's still got it. ☺

How do you like how calm Victor and Rick are as they hear the door being bashed in?? LOL, neither one is the least bit startled!

Then Rick pretends to be happy about Victor's arrest...But he's going to Captain Renault to trick him into releasing Laszlo.

Sam doesn't have time to spend his 10% cut, but good on Rick for trying to get him 25! lol

"Serves me right for not being musical." Have GOT to love Claude Rains. The man definitely knew how to deliver a line!

Ilsa agrees to trust Rick. And she does. She sure does.

Now why does Captain Renault even bother to call Strasser? Boo. They should've had Strasser show up because he'd had spies watching Renault and watching Rick's. That would've added an interesting layer to the story.

What are you talking about, Rick? What job have you got to do??

And there he goes, calling her "kid" again! Uh.

OK. Major Strasser's down. "Round up the usual suspects!"

And that is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

"Play it, Sam."


connie5781 said...

Casablanca is one of my favorite classics! You're comments are dead on! Great review!!

Blair said...

Great review, Millenia! I agree with Connie, your comments are very accurate. I first saw this a few years ago and didn't get the hype, but after seeing it a few more times, I've fallen in love with all the characters!